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Enjoy the relaxing and exotic experience offered by the Grand Hôtel de la Poste. With its atypical decoration, its air of a large family home, its 3-star services and its comfortable rooms, our hotel in the city center of Vienna has everything to please you and to meet the requirements of your professional or tourist stopover!

Go sightseeing in Vienna and its surroundings
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In Isère, a few steps from Lyon
Visit the city of Vienna

Founded more than 2,000 years ago, the city of Vienna reveals a rich historical heritage. An ancient Gallo-Roman city, it is home to treasures such as the famous Roman theater. Ancient remains blend harmoniously with medieval architecture, offering visitors a unique experience.

In the heart of the city, the majestic Saint-Maurice Cathedral stands proudly. Its imposing architecture and exceptional stained glass windows tell centuries of religious and artistic history. The cobbled streets of Vienna invite you to take a picturesque stroll.

Vienna is not only a window open to the past, but also a dynamic place to live. Its lively markets, cultural festivals and quaint cafes create a vibrant and warm atmosphere.

Whether exploring fascinating museums, tasting regional culinary specialties or strolling along the Rhône, Vienna offers a complete tourist experience.

The unmissable festival Jazz in Vienna

The “ Jazz à Vienne festival enchants the city with captivating melodies. On the banks of the Rhône , this musical event of international scope attracts renowned artists, creating a perfect symbiosis between the history of the city and contemporary rhythms.

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An oenological expedition The vineyards

The vineyards of Vienna are the wine-growing jewel of the region, where the sunny hillsides and rich terroir produce wines of exceptional quality. Local grape varieties, such as Viognierand Syrah, thrive in this ideal climate. The wine estates welcome visitors for authentic tastings, offering a sensory experience in the heart of picturesque wine landscapes.

A great culinary experience To gastronomy

The gastronomy around Vienna is an ode to regional flavors. The lively markets are full of fresh produce, from cheeses to artisanal charcuteries. local specialties, such as gratin dauphinois and pogne de Romans, invite you to an authentic feast. Quaint cafes and traditional restaurants complete this culinary experience, offering a memorable taste journey.

An immersion in the region Museums

In Vienna, the museumsand the monuments reveal priceless cultural treasures. The Temple of Augustus and Livia, emblem of Antiquity, fascinates with its architecture. The Gallo-Roman Museum immerses visitors in the ancient history of the city. The Textile Museum highlights local crafts, while the Lapidary Museumpresents architectural remains from a bygone era, forming a rich cultural mosaic. 

A bike ride La ViaRhôna

The ViaRhôna, a majestic cycle path, extends in front of the Grand Hôtel de la Poste in Vienne, offering travelers by bike a picturesque view along the Rhône. As an establishment with the “Accueil Vélo” label, the hotel warmly welcomes cyclotourists, offering adapted facilities and services dedicated to guarantee a relaxing and pleasant stopover along their journey.

We offer apicnic basket to enjoy your day at €12.

For a day Discover Lyon

Only 20 minutes by TER from Vienna, Lyon is an essential getaway. This gastronomic city is full of culinary delights, from traditional corks to starred restaurants. Explore the Presqu'île for its elegant boutiques, discover the rich history of Old Lyon or visit the Fourvière Basilica offering an unforgettable panoramic view. Lyon promises a unique cultural and taste experience.

An essential address Hotel in Lyon

Do you want to stay in the heart of Lyon? A few kilometers from the Grand Hôtel de la Poste in Vienne, we recommend the Hôtel du Théâtre, hotel in Lyon Bellecour

This establishment is ideally located in the center of Lyon, a few steps from Place Bellecour. It is an excellent base from which to explore this city full of charm and character.